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November 7, 2007

The Wind Giveth and the Wind Taketh Away

hi there,

a quick update, as the tele-center in balranald, australia where I am now, closes in 15 mins.

in the 9 days since I last checked in I've covered a fair amount of ground. I'm about 3150km in. about 900km, or so, to sydney; and am in the state of new south wales

the main turn of events is the weather.

last week I spend a whole day in driving rains(their first in 10 months!) and now the wind has changed direction so that it has been directly in my face a 20-30kph for the last 4 days. I had lost a days time to it, as it has slowed me some much, but yesterday the wind relented just a bit so I decided to suck-it-up, and bring this thing to its knees.

I pedaled for 10 and 1/2 hrs. did 258k/160 miles. I managed to win back the day I lost to the winds two days before.this is my true one days record, not that 350k wind drive magic-carpet ride 10 days ago.

today the wind picked up again, and I could only manage, will everything I had, to do 21kph for 160k; and I'm thoughly cooked now. I was planning on trying top push a bit to sydney, but the wind has really taken all the fun out of it at this point(forgive my lack of enthusiasm, I've only been off the bike for 5 mins from today's ride and am still a bit frustrated by the whole thing).

we'll see what happens tomorrow.

thanks for your continuing support; especially on these sub-optimal riding days.